The hyperfree podcast hosts leaders and changemakers of various backgrounds to think about the future of agorist business, marketing, competitive governance and much more. Tune in and feel free to share.

Ep. 01 – Dr. Titus Gebel “How To Design A Startup City”

Investor, Entrepreneur and Founder of Free Private Cities Inc.

Dr. Titus Gebel is the German Elon Musk. At least when it comes to having a very big vision. He follows the question how the social disaster the welfare state is headed towards possibly be prevented?

What is the best alternative to the autoritarian government?

Titus is working on providing a solution that he calls “Free Private Cities” Learn how he is building a free city and what he thinks about Bitcoin in this podcast.

Get in touch with Titus:  www.freeprivatecities.org

Ep. 02 – Joshua Scigala “How To Fuck Banks”

Ceo of Vaultoro.com on agorism, antifragilty & how to become fearless

Joshua Scigala is the CEO of Vaultoro, Bitcoin and Gold Exchange.

When he printed “Fuck Banks” on the company t-shirts, people where scared and distanced at events.

In the interview Joshua shares his biggest learnings as an entrepreneur, how he overcame his fears and the nature of disruptive technology.

Get in touch with Joshua www.vaultoro.com