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Aaaaand it’s done! Thanks to our relentlessly productive and hard-working maker-lab team in the south of Germany, a very first version of our Loop Tagger is on the way to Berlin.

First package on the way to Berlin

A big relieve is the least we can call our experience right now, as development is always challenging and more problems suddenly appear during the process especially when production must hit a tight deadline. 

We really pushed to get the prototypes done as fast as possible to get closer to the final launch of a great product.

Thanks to the 3D printers we deploy in our lab, we could approach the engineering in a high paced, rapid-prototyping fashion, producing multiple designs and constructions per day and iterate on well-working solutions thereafter.

Starting from a simple construction we learned how the handle the system better and what problems occur while spraying and stenceling in circles.

For example the stiffness of the materials and the angles of the connections where mastered over time and brought to perfection.

We can really be proud of a product that was not just fun to develop but also got better and more sophisticated during the development process. Our engineering basically went to the moon.

Now we are thrilled to hear the feedback of our beta-testers. We are probably on the same level excited as those few selected test pilots, to learn how the tagger will get by with intense usage.

In a few days we will recieve the feedback and then move on to finalize the serial production design, packaging and supply chain management.

You can pre-order your tagger today via our contact form.